Starter Fertilizers

Our low salt starters are formulated to provide an efficient source of N-P-K. Early in the growing season, cool soil temperatures often limit the ability of plant roots to absorb sufficient nutrients and water.

A low salt starter with high availability of nutrients at the time of planting helps overcome this problem, leading to better plant growth and higher yields.

Our starters are designed to be placed safely in furrow with your seed and deliver a low salt and highly efficient nutrient package.


  • 100% water soluble, low salt index, seed safe
  • Plant available in cooler soils
  • Helps get crops up and out of the ground quicker
  • Applied in-furrow at seeding

Conventional liquid fertilizers have a salt index of 55 to 60 and are typically only 35% orthophosphate. This means our products have a significantly higher plant availability and lower salt index.

TK 622 Liquid Starter

Guaranteed analysis of 6-22-2-1S

  • Salt Index: 43
  • High phosphorus with the added benefits of nitrogen, potassium, and sulphur
  • Locally produced

TK 624 Liquid Starter

Guaranteed analysis of 6-24-6

  • Salt Index: 35
  • 80% orthophosphate
  • High efficiency liquid starter
  • Hundreds of thousands sold year after year