Why Humalite?

Humalite is a unique soil amendment found only in Hanna, Alberta. It is formed during the decomposition of organic materials and offers many advantages when incorporated into growth strategies and fertilizer programs.

Our high-quality humic products are certified organic and are ideal for lawn, garden, greenhouse, and golf course applications.

Benefits of Humic Products

All of our dry humic products are 100% organic and Canadian-made. Some advantages include:

– Improves soil structure and moisture retention
– Provides functional carbon
– Improves nutrient efficiency in your soil
– Stimulates soil and plant growth
– Helps harness micronutrients in your soil

Processed Humalite

80% humic acid (Colorimetric testing method)
3% fulvic acid

Available Sizes:
5 lb pail
10 lb pail
25 lb pail

Our processed granular product is great for lawn, garden, and greenhouse applications, as well as golf course and turf operations.