Boosting soil health and increasing growing efficiency with WestMET Ag’s humic products

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WestMET Ag, formerly known as Westmoreland Mining, has partnered with TopKrop Fertilizers to increase the availability of its humic products to western Canadian growers.

TopKrop has been in business since 2013, providing prairie farmers with fertilizer solutions from more than 20 distributor locations across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. In 2018, TopKrop was purchased by Flaman Group of Companies, a group that has been serving the Canadian ag industry for over 60 years.

WestMET Ag is committed to delivering innovative agriproducts, ideas, initiatives, and solutions to farmers and the global marketplace they serve. WestMET Ag’s granular humic product will be distributed exclusively by TopKrop.

“We’re really pleased with this new partnership. We see our humic product as a great fit in TopKrop’s product lineup and are excited about getting the product out there,” says Clay Williams, WestMET Ag’s Agriproducts Lead.

“With the drought conditions we’ve been seeing, growers could really get ahead applying humalite to their fields. It can retain seven times its weight in water, so it’s a pretty powerful tool for drought mitigation,” he adds.

Humalite is a unique certified organic soil amendment that is formed during the decomposition of organic materials. WestMET Ag uses this exclusive resource to produce high-quality humic products with a long list of unique agronomic advantages.

WestMET Ag’s humic products use pure, screened, raw humalite directly from the source—the largest humalite deposit in the world, located in Hanna, Alberta—in order to give growers the highest quality product for the best possible results.

With rising fertilizer prices and widespread drought conditions, humic products could be a game-changer for western Canadian farmers. The benefits of applying humic products to soil include increased nutrient uptake, reduced input costs and fertilizer requirements, better water retention, and higher yield potential.”

The product is flowable, transportable, and spreadable with conventional equipment and highly stable, with minimal concerns of leaching. This means that humic products can be applied any time of year.

At the University of Alberta, Dr. Linda Gorim is leading a project entitled “Applying humalite for enhancing wheat and canola production and soil health” to help demonstrate the value of humalite to growers.

To purchase WestMET Ag’s humic products, contact TopKrop Fertilizers or visit a TopKrop distributor in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba.

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