KQ-XRN Slow Release Nitrogen Foliar Fertilizer


KQ-XRN, Kugler Fertilizer Company Signature product, is a 28% Nitrogen containing foliar fertilizer that contains 72% slow release polymer and 28% Oligomers, no water, and is defined as a Polymethylene Urea Triazone.  So why all the numbers?


Liquid Nitrogen fertilizer is most stable at between 28% and 32% Nitrogen content when referring to UAN (Urea and Ammonium Nitrate).  KQ-XRN, on the other hand, is manufactured at 28% Nitrogen content because any higher and the viscosity (thickness) would be too high to pump.  The Urea and Ammonium Nitrate in a water solution of 28% Nitrogen are individual molecules floating around in water, while KQ-XRN is a polymer matrix with at least 150,000 polymer units attached to each other with no water present.  {Huge difference.}


KQ-XRN sticks to the leaf and stays on the leaf for up to 30 days, constantly feeding the plant through the leaves, and releases its Nitrogen over time as Ultraviolet Light breaks the polymer down into Nitrogen units that the plant recognizes as nutrients.  28% UAN, when top dressed hits the leaf and runs off onto the ground and very little stays on the leaf to foliar feed.  Again, huge difference.  KQ-XRN simply will not burn the leaves where UAN is notorious for leaf damage when top dressed.


KQ-XRN is a complex carbohydrate (contains Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen) with 3 attributes that 28% does not.  Attributes that are necessary for effective foliar feeding.


  1. KQ-XRN contains Nitrogen (so does UAN)
  2. KQ-XRN Contains Carbon (Ammonium Nitrate does not)
  3. KQ-XRN is Non-polar (Ammonium Nitrate is not)
  4. KQ-XRN is non-ionic (UAN is not)

The three additional attributes that KQ-XRN possesses make it an excellent foliar product while UAN is questionable at best as a foliar product.


Finally, KQ-XRN is as close to a perfect carrier as there is in the Agricultural business.  It will carry other nutrients (P, K, S, Micronutrients, Humic Acid, Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, etc.) in a stable non- leaf burning form.


XRN Containing Foliar Products


72% slow release Nitrogen
Blend: 28-0-0
Salt Content: 6

KS 2075

72% slow release Nitrogen w/ potassium & sulphur
Blend: 20-0-7.5-5s
Salt Content: 24

KS 178C

61% slow release Nitrogen
Blend: 17-0-0-0-8Cl
Salt Content: 27



KQ XRN 2530

30% slow release
Blend: 25-0-0

KS 1022

Low salt NPK Blend w/ 30% SRN
Blend: 10-20-2
Salt Content: 39

KS 1410

40% slow release
Blend: 14-10-2
Salt Content: 22


LS 622

Low salt NPK blend
Blend: 6-22-2
Salt Content: 34

LS 624

Low salt NPK blend
Blend: 6-24-6
Salt Content: 35

LS 924

Low salt NPK blend
Blend: 25-0-0
Salt Content: 32


KS Maximum

Liquid Micronutrient Blend
Blend: 0.5Cu-1.0Fe-2.0Mn-2.0Zn-0.025B
Salt Content: 19

KH 2412

12% Humic Acid

Sold In

  • Bulk
  • 265 gallon mini tote
  • 2.5 gallon jugs (KS Maximum only)