Our newest products we are now offering to better serve our customers is
Xitebio’s PulseRhizo and SoyRhizo inoculants.


What is an inoculant?

Inoculants contain live rhizobia bacteria that are needed to form root nodules on legume plants. These root nodules fix atmospheric nitrogen and transfer nitrogen to the plant, in return the plant supplies energy to the bacteria. This symbiotic nitrogen fixation is an essential process for good legume production.

To see find out if your inoculants are working, approximately 4-6 weeks after planting, carefully dig out a plant with the roots and surrounding soil. Gently wash or break away the soil to reveal the nodules adhered to the roots of the plant. Slice them open and they should be pink in colour, indicating that the process of nitrogen-fixation is being carried out by the rhizobia.


PulseRhizo is a liquid inoculant that works with a proven track record of success. It is designed with the sole purpose of protecting your Peas, Lentils, and Fababeans. Below are some graphs which show the yield differences between the different types of inoculants.

The Advantages of using PulseRhizo:

  • No Mixing Required Ready to use right out of the box
  • User Friendly easy to handle
  • Works Great with seed treatment
  • Greater root nodulation
  • 48 hours on-seed life
  • Great for seed treatment and in-furrow applications
  • Dries quickly with on seed application
  • Boosts soil health
  • Enhances overall plant vigour and health
  • Works Great with Kugler’s 6-24-6-1S Starter fertilizer
  • Compatible with Most Seed Treament Products

Application Rate

On-Seed: 75 mL/27 kg seed (2.5 fl oz/bu; 2.1 fl oz/50 lb seed)
In-Furrow: 250 mL/ac or 628 mL/ha (at 12" or 30 cm row spacing)

Case Size

4 x 3.0L (4 x 101.44 fl oz)

Unit Treats

On-Seed: 1,089 kg (2,400 lb) or 40 bu (27 kg or 60 lb = 1 bu)
In-Furrow: 12 ac at 12" row spacing / 4.9 ha at 30 cm row spacing

Case Treats

On-Seed: 4,356 kg (9,600 lb) or 160 bu
In Furrow: 48 ac at 12" row spacing / 19.6 ha at 30 cm row spacing 


SoyRhizo is a low volume, versatile premium liquid inoculant that can be applied on-seed or in-furrow and is available as a ready to use package. SoyRhizo is a revolutionary concept in soybean inoculant formulation.

This allows SoyRhizo to:

  • encourage greater root nodulation on your soybeans
  • boost higher nitrogen fixation
  • result in healthier plants and better yields
  • enhance overall plant performance
  • result in an average yield increase of 9 bu/ac (21%) in all 2011 field trials
  • 64 day on-seed life
  • 2 convient case sizes
  • Boosts soil health
  • Creates synergy between the native and introduced microbes.
  • Works well with seed treatments Consistent performance
  • Consistent performance

Application Rate

On-Seed: 60 mL/27 kg seed (2.0 fl oz/bu; 3.33 fl oz/cwt seed)
In-Furrow: 175 mL/ac or 432 mL/ha (at 30" or 76 cm row spacing)

Case Size

4 x 2.5 L (4 x 50 Unit Case)
1 x 10 L (1 x 200 Unit Case)

Unit Treats

On-Seed (4 x 50 Unit): 1135 kg seed (2,500 lb) or 42 bu
On-Seed (1 x 200 Unit): 4540 kg seed (10,000 lb) or 168 bu
In-Furrow (4 x 50 Unit): 14.2 ac at 30" row spacing / 5.8 ha at 76 cm row spacing
In-Furrow (1 x 200 Unit): 57.2 ac at 30" row spacing / 23.2 ha at 76 cm row spacing